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Scuffs and bumpers

Let our friendly team come and repair your bumper today from the comfort of your home or work address. We are reliable, tidy craftsmen and all our work is guaranteed.

Alloy wheels

Poor road conditions means it pretty easy to damage your wheels today. We can repair them easily and quickly at a time that suites you. A low cost repair that make all the difference to the look of your car.

Mirrors & Headlights

If you have cloudy headlights or scuffed/ broken mirrors then we can bring them back to new in no time. Book us in for a quote and we'll come and rectify your problems quickly and efficiently.


Whether your handing back a lease/ hire vehicle or you just love to keep your car looking sharp, we can bring back your paintwork to a showroom condition.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Whatever paint or trim repair you require we are here to help. Please get in contact with us today to arrange an appointment.

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